The Dotty Knit Dress

This dress was obviously from the title my first time working with knits. Having read all of the advice given by other bloggers it went very smoothly. It did help that the pattern I was making the dress from was quite straightforward to put together.
It’s one of my favourite projects so far and I always get compliments when I wear it, which is lovely.

The pattern I used was from Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin which I picked up for a bargain at The Works. As well as including several patterns and instructions on how to adapt them it gives information on how to deal with knits. I adapted the “What A Waist” t-shirt pattern which is the line drawing to your left by just lengthening and straightening out the hem to make it a dress. I think this would not have worked so well if I did not have teeny hips.

 The fabric I found at the market in Lincoln for £5.99 per metre, which was how much I used for this dress.
Construction-wise, it was fairly easy, however this was the first time that I had done sleeves. It turns out that finding the middle of the sleeve head and pinning it right sides together to the shoulder seam and pinning downwards from there does not count as “setting in a sleeve”. It didn’t seem to particularly affect the fit of the dress as I can easily put my hands in the air without any discomfort but next time I will do it properly…

My only query is that how are you supposed to press the seams? Or are you just not supposed to press the seams open? As I don’t have an overlocker I used zigzag for the whole thing which worked fine.
All in all It’s a lovely smart dress which would have been lovely for sixth form. However no dresses are allowed, sad face, so I guess I’d better start making skirts and tops ready for next year sometime soon.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading!
Lauren x