The Dorothy Dress

I’M BACK FROM ITALY. And I haven’t tanned one little bit in the 42 degree weather. Anyway; this is definitely the favourite thing I’ve made so far. It’s called the Dorothy Dress because that’s what you automatically think of when you see a blue and white checked dress, but apart from the fabric, it really isn’t related to the wizard of oz atall. The dress really was last minute project. It was laid out on a bench outside the McDonalds service station on the way to Italy while I evened out my hem with my embroidery scissors. I managed to hem it and attach all the hooks and eyes on the coach.The photo was taken in Vicenza, Italy which has the most amazing walls to photograph against.

I used a vintage Style pattern no. 3595 for the bodice and a gathered skirt that a made years ago for a dress that was never completed.
The fabric was actually from an old duvet cover of mine when I was little, with a stripe of embroidered hearts at the top end of it. I really wanted to incorporate this into the bodice but I had to go against the grainline that was suggested. Fortunately this didn’t seem to make much difference.

The curtains in my room at the time were made of the same fabric and a now in my sewing room. Looking at them I had a flash of inspiration and realised that the curtain tie would make a fantastic belt. Fingers crossed mum won’t notice that it’s missing… The belt was simply attached using 3 hooks and eyes.

The only zip that I had in my stash at the last minute was a yellow one. I think I partially succeeded at hiding it. I now realise that the hook and eye need to be further from the edges to pull the back together as where they are at the moment does nothing whatsoever.

All in all, it’s a lovely summer dress and I will be wearing it loads and loads and loads.

Thanks so much for reading!
Lauren x