Floral Peplum Top

This top was made from a Prima peplum dress pattern shown here. As I had little fabric and needed to make some tops for sixth form next year I thought that I could just chop off the skirt portion.

So the top was finished, the zip sewn in really prettily and I try to get it over my head. Here the issues started. You see, I forgot to take into account the fact that my head is larger than the circumference of the peplum. I only figured this out after forcing it over my head and accidentally tearing out the beautifully sewn in zip.

Then I thought about hoody zips, and thought that that could work so I went and bought one, and it did work. Hooray! So now I have a pretty top to wear for sixth form, probably not with a skirt as short as that though… To the left you can see me trying and failing to look studious with a photo album that I hoped looked vaguely like a text book.

Thanks so much for reading,
Lauren x