Pinafore Dress

  Lately I've been seeing a lot of pinafore dresses around and I liked the look of them so much that I put one on my list to make, but the plan was to make one out of corduroy. I decided a couple of months ago that I'm not a fan of plaid, but now I feel that I've come round to it. I do love the colours of this one.
Mum kindly donated to me a load of flannelette that she originally bought for some cosy pjs years and years ago but decided that in reality it was never going to be used. Originally I wanted to make a shift dress with it, which seems perfect for winter with all of the shirts that I can layer under it, but mum suggested a pinafore dress. It seemed like an alright idea so I went with it, and now I just love it!
I used a basic circle skirt pattern for the base, and added a square for the front, shoulder straps and butttons and tada! Actually it turned out to be a lot longer process than it sounds. I had many issues with buttonholes, so in the end had to resort to using snaps and just sewing the buttons on time. These issues involved the unpicking of buttonholes, which I sincerely hope that you will never have to do. It was painful. If you're really looking for traces of them you will find them but they don't really stand out.

I did originally have the straps crossed a lot lower down, then when trying on I couldn't actually get it on, so it had to be unpicked and resewn higher up. Now though, I realise that I could have just put a popper on that as well.
 Look how well it matches!!! Was totally planned...
 My friend Meghan, whom I shall call the Director of this rather fabulous photoshoot (you can thank her for all of the poses) lent me her rather voluminous petticoat to show the pinafore to its maximum potentional. It has built in knickers in it! Genius for someone like me, that seems to accidentally flash the world far too often. I tried to swish away home in it, but unfortunately she caught me in the act and I had to return it to its rightful owner :(
That's about all I have to say so I thought I'd leave some of the out-takes for you to enjoy.
Tons of thanks to Connor for taking the photos and Meghan for telling me where to put my arms.
Thanks for reading!
Lauren x