School skirt No.2

This is a very simple 8 gored skirt, fastened with a zip and some poppers to fasten the waistband. As per usual such a simple project took loads more time than it should have done. This was going be my "full" skirt but it didn't end up as full as I wanted it to be so next time I'll enlarge the sides of the pattern pieces or I'll just do a full circle skirt.
The fabric was a mistake. 1.99 polycotton which fluff sticks to like nobody's business! Never again! Nightmare to cut out!
I finished the hem with white bias binding as I had no black in my stash and being 16 and living in the country I just can't pop out and get some. It's okay, nobody can see it anyway. I recently found out that you are supposed to lift the bias a couple of cm's above the hem and then slip stitch it so I'll do that next time.
Please forgive me for the zip not being central, the skirt just needs twizzle-ing round a bit. The zip was a nightmare as it just kept bubbling which I think was due to one side being longer than the other, but it's all sorted now. I did want to go for an exposed look.
All in all this skirt does it's job well. It works nicely with blazers and is perfect for school wear. It's a pity the fabric was such a let down, but hey, we all learn from our mistakes right?
Anyway, thanks for reading!
Lauren x