Stripey knit dress

Hello all! I liked my knit dress from a couple of weeks ago so much that I decided to make another, with a few modifications.
I'm quite particular about striped fabric and for me the perfect stripe is the thinner white stripe widely spaced on a navy background. I've been looking for this kind of stripe for a while and was so excited to find it at Guthrie and Ghani during the Birmingham meet up. It's also available online here.
I was expecting it be a fairly quick make because I'd already blended together the 3 patterns to make my last knit dress. (Zeena sleeves, RTW top and pencil skirt pattern) but I forgot how long stripe matching takes! 
Sewing the stripes was a little hard because the stripes of the fabric are raised, and you have to allow for that when pinning. I found that by pinning them a little out of sync they would match up as they went through the sewing machine. Other than the stripe matching it was a really quick sew as there was only 2 side seams, the neckband and turning up the edges of the hem and the sleeves. 
I really love the simplicity of this dress. It can be paired with so many things! The knit fabric makes it really comfortable to wear which is ultimately what I look for in all of my clothes. If I find some more knit fabric, there will be another in my future!
Thanks for reading and to Edward for taking pics!
Lauren xx