Dotty Ginger Jeans

Hello all! I made some new jeans, and they are awesome. I seem to be going through a trouser phase and these jeans have been fulfilling my trouser needs perfectly. 
I used Heather's Ginger Jeans pattern again, this time sticking to the skinny leg. I love my flares, but I needed some skinny jeans for variety. I added 1 inch to the waist so they would be more highwaisted on me, but I would add even more next time as they still don't quite sit at my natural waist.
The fabric is a lovely stretch denim from Goldhawk Road, and 1.5m cost me £9. The dots were originally white, but in the pre-wash they turned a shade of light blue. Maybe one of those colour catchers would have prevented that? The slightly stretchier nature of the fabric means that they are more comfortable to wear than my flares. Because of this I made no changes to the pattern, although the legs were too tight last time, but that was a mistake. The legs came out too tight again at the knee, so I unpicked and sewed with a teeny tiny seam allowance. Next time, add some extra room at the knee!
I didn't have any top-stitching thread on hand, so I just used a navy regular thread and didn't make much of a feature of it. I used a contrasting floral for the waistband but really should have stuck with the denim, because it peeks out at the side of the fly. The pocket bags were cut out from scraps of gingham that I had lying around. All raw edges were overlocked. I didn't do flat-felled seams this time around.
As soon as I find some more denim I'm going to make some more, because these have been such a workhorse over the last couple of weeks. And I need some new tops to wear with them! As always, thanks very much for reading and to Edward for taking the pictures!!
Lauren xx