MMM15 Recap

So I did a round up of week 1 and then decided that I'd scrap the weekly thing and do a recap at the end of the month. May was a real mix of clothing for me. I was at school for the first half of the month (which meant suits) and at home for the other half revising (comfy casual). Hence, my clothing at the start of the month was drastically different to the end of the month.

My dark grey suit and new purple (unblogged linen Victoria blazer and Holly trousers) suit were in the highest rotation as I'd lost my navy blazer which would have been in much higher rotation. I did find it in a coffin on the last day of school with my mummy costumes which is good, because I love that blazer, and it'll get a lot of wear even though my school days are over. Same goes for my purple suit. However both of my grey suits are going to be retired now.

My school uniform consisted of blazer, skirt, top and cardi so my purple and green cardi's were in high rotation. I need more cropped cardigans, maybe in pink and turquoise. I wore a toga in honour of eurovision, and completely baffled the lady who knocked on my door who wasn't expecting to see a toga. It is so comfy though! I also had leavers ball that week, and I even finished my dress the night before. That never happens. I usually finish the minute before we leave... When revising I've been living in my purple hudsons and new cropped hudsons. I need more hudsons! My floral dungarees were perfect for golf.
My goal was to not repeat an outfit, and I achieved that which was great. I didn't finish the challenge last year and it was good to finish it with ease this year. Lots of my favourite dresses didn't get a chance to be worn. Now I've finished school I've got to tweak my wardrobe a bit to be more casual. That basically means, sew up all the knits. It's going to be good being able to wear dresses every day of the week! I didn't wear completely me-made this month, because that wasn't the point for me. Mixing old RTW and me-mades worked well. 
Thanks to Beth, Mum, Emma, Edward and Dad for taking photos. 
Lauren xx