Cropped Hudsons

I've now officially finished school (although I do have to go back for a couple of exams) and so I'm free from suits! I want to work on a more relaxed wardrobe (Read: knits) for revision time and the summer holidays. My first pair of Hudsons get worn literally all the time, so I decided it was high time to make a second pair. 
I did originally intend to make these using the adapted Hudsons I used for my birthday jumpsuit which gives a bit of a more gathered harem pant look, but I didn't have anywhere near enough fabric so I stuck to the original Hudsons. I used the scraps from my lady skater wrap dress hack to squeeze out the trouser front, backs and pockets. I didn't have enough for the waistband and cuffs so I had to dig in the stash. The waistband is a white interlock and the contrast pocket bands and hems were cut from the viscose jersey scraps of a future MCBN project. There was enough jersey for the waistband, but it's quite lightweight so I thought the sturdier interlock would be better.
 The contrast cuffs for the hem were the original length, but they didn't look quite right, so I unpicked and trimmed them down to the same width as the pocket contrasts which I think looks more proportional. I think if the waistband was pink as well, the original length would have been fine, but it wasn't so it wasn't.
My overlocker stopped working after a couple of seams (It was threaded, but when I pressed the pedal down the thread wasn't staying in the fabric. I re-threaded, which didn't do anything but I've got some new needles to try.) I haven't sewn knits on my normal machine for a while, but it was fine. It just doesn't look so professional on the inside. The contrast waistband looked very white, so I did several rows of contrast zig-zag-ing to jazz it up a bit.
Thank you very much for reading and to Dad for pausing his carrot-peeling to take photos. The pink and patterned knit scraps were provided free by Minerva Crafts.
Lauren xx