Tie-dye Culottes

Hello All! Please permit me to present to you my take on culottes! I've been seeing a lot of them around the fashion scene lately, and even though I am definitely anti-fashion when a new trend comes along that I like the look of, I'll give it a go. And if I like it, then I'll wear it forever until I tire of it, not when the fashion industry tires of it.
 I dug out Simplicity 7463 from my stash and decided to make view 3 (the pink ones), lengthening them to the shin. It turned out that I didn't have enough fabric to do that, so settled for having them just above the knee instead.
It turned out that when the hem was just above the knee I was totally indifferent about them, so I shortened them a bit and hey presto I love them! I might have been a tad enthusiastic with the shears but they cover everything decently, so it\s fine!
I inherited the fabric from my grandma, and I think she may have tie-died it herself to create the awesome print. I'd love to know how she did it.
As the pattern was a size 12, and I'm a 6/8 so I took it in at the waist and hips a bit, but the rest seamed to be okay. I'm really happy with the finishing of these culottes. Every seam is overlocked, and I used facings for the waist and hems. I'm also really proud of the lapped zipper that I inserted by machine at the center back. I've never had a successful one so I tend to use invisible zips or handpick them but I'm so pleased with how this one turned out!
And this is me proving that they are culottes. The hem was a nightmare to even out due to the box pleat at the front, especially as my mannequin can only have dresses or skirts put on her. In the end I put them on me, and measured from the waistline as far around as I could reach. It seemed to work out okay. It's a pity that I have already had my last P.E lesson because I would have loved to wear these for tennis. 
Thanks very much for reading and to Ed for taking a break from revision to snap some pictures!
Lauren xx