Lady Skater Wrap Dress Hack

Hi All! Today I have to share with you a wrap dress hack, using the Lady Skater dress pattern by Kitschy Coo as a base for the bodice and this beautiful jersey. This was my third Minerva Crafts Blogger Network make.
To make the wrap bodice I traced both sides for the front bodice piece (which is originally cut on the fold) and drew a diagonal line from the shoulder seam to the waist side seam. I cut off the excess, pinned the new pattern piece to the fabric and cut 2. The back bodice I left the same because the wrap is just going on in the front. I ignored the patterns binding piece and measured the diagonal line of the bodice front x2, plus the back neckline.  I started sewing the binding at the waist of the right bodice front, going upwards across the back neckline and then down the left bodice front, then cutting off the excess. I did pull the binding a bit taut to prevent gaping. The skirt is a circle skirt, which is the with of the left bodice front, the back and the right bodice front as it wraps over itself.
The left-hand tie was sewn into the side seam, and the other was sewn to the waistline of the right-hand front bodice piece. The dress then ties at the side. Because the fabric is so busy the ties are pretty much invisible. It would have been interesting to do them in a contrasting colour so they stand out more. Maybe next time! 
The dress does sit really nicely. All of the dress was sewn on my overlocker, making it a really quick and easy make after I'd done the pattern hacking. I left the armholes and hem raw because as it's a knit, it won't fray. I cut the hem length a bit longer than usual, so I would have enough for a hem but I liked the longer length so left it as it was.
 I've never made or worn a wrap dress before so it was interesting to try a different shape, and I must say I quite like it! This dress is so, so comfy, because the fabric is so soft and being a knit it stretches with you.  It's definitely a secret pajamas dress. The colours in the print are really beautiful pinks and purples which brighten me up when I wear this dress. Even after a spell on my 'floordrobe' it was crease-free and ready to wear straight away which is exactly what I need.
Thank you for reading, and to Emma and Paul who took the photos for me! Also, thank you to Meghan for rescuing me when I got too dizzy twirling to stand. Unfortunately all of the twirling photos show EVERYTHING, so it was all for nothing. 
Lauren xx