Dotty Shirt Refashion

 I haven't done a refashion for a while, but the lovely Darren gave me this massive shirt to play around with for my birthday. I didn't end up doing anything particularly creative in the end. I was considering making the back the front but the complete lack of spot-matching in the back seam put me off that idea.
Instead I opted to slim it down at the side seams, and extend them further up the shirt. The sleeves were kimono, so they were pretty much chopped off with the rest of the excess.  It ended up too short be a dress but too long to be a top so I chopped a fair bit of length off. Maybe I chopped a bit too much of the length off, but it ties in a knot nicely at my waist so that's okay.
It was pretty quick and easy to do which is nice if you don't have a lot of time. It was great not having to fuss around with getting buttonholes right! It wasn't however as quick and easy as I thought it was going to be because the fabric was very slippery and the hem ended up being a bit crinkle-y.
See what I mean about the back not matching! Now I look at the back it seems that there is more sleeve on the left than the right so I'll have to fix that!
I need to make some high-waisted jeans quickly, because I got a very cold midriff when taking these photos!

That's all for now! Thanks very much for reading, and to Ed for taking the photos!
Lauren xx