My second blogaversary!

I can't believe that I've just finished my second year of sewing and blogging! I guess that doesn't make me a beginner any more. This year I managed to make a total of 48 pieces of clothing compared to 37 items made last year which is pretty good going! I'm proud of how I've been able to consistently post for 2 years, given my track record with diaries (where entry's are usually made every couple of years when I find them when spring cleaning.) 
 This year was obviously the year of the dresses, which isn't surprising when I've finally managed to draft a bodice block that fits the way it should. I've had great fun with lots of pattern adaptation, and in this coming year I'd like to draft more complicated projects, like outerwear and maybe swimwear. I would like to master a proper long sleeved shirts with cuffs and everything. I'd also like to look at tailoring techniques like welt pockets. 
. This last year has been very much a winner for wearability, compared to the 57% of wearable items I made in my first year of sewing. I think even when projects haven't turned out quite right, this year I kept going until they were wearable, which was a good habit to have, and obviously paid off.
 My most popular post this year was very unexpectedly my Holiday Capsule Wardrobe Planning post on how I was organizing my suitcase for the 3 week trip to Australia. I did have great fun drawing all the little outfits on photoshop. Maybe I should do more posts like these? The second most popular post was my Strapless Maxi dress which I made for the sewalong on Project Sewn. I'm seriously missing it this year.
I did make my first pair of jeans, although arguably they aren't proper jeans because they didn't have a fly front. They aren't particularly comfortable which I'm blaming the lack of stretch on so I'm going to attempt some ginger jeans in the near future.
I've done pretty well for suits this year, which is good considering that I have to wear them 5 days a week. My Victoria blazer with a navy Chardon is getting loads of wear, because I do practical subjects I need to be able to sit cross legged on the floor, which I cant do very well in a pencil skirt!
The standard of the inside of my garments is steadily improving which is great. Very few of my makes have unfinished edges thanks to my overlocker. There had better be room for it at uni!
Anyhow, here's to my third year of sewing! Cheers to everybody who reads about my adventures in sewing. Very little can beat the feeling I get when a new comment appears in my inbox ;)
Lauren xx