Sleeveless floral archer

Hi! Today I present to you my first every shirt! And of course I used the Grainline Studios Archer pattern. I have a lot of shirts on my list to make but I chose to make this one so it would fit in with the floral week at Project Sewn. I also chose to make this floral one first because I only had 1 metre of it (bought in France last summer) and I wanted to do a couple of new things at a time, i.e. if I made a sleeveless Archer I don't have to worry about cuffs and whatnot and can focus on the other new things like buttonholes and a collar. 
The only issue I really had was that I was arrogant enough to assume that if I just left out the sleeves it'd be fine. It wasn't. There was some serious gape-age in the armhole department. After some googling I found this helpful tutorial made by Jen herself which would have worked a lot better than my "I'll just take in the side seams and it'll be fine". But in the end, it isn't that bad, but next time I will follow her instructions.
Apart from that it's all pretty much okay I think. I must have not done the collar quite right because if I wanted to do the top button up the collar crosses over so I'll try and figure that out for next time. I really need to buy another water soluble pen because there may be some orange dots marking out the buttonholes still on there... Talking of my first buttonholes, I have never been so tense in my life! I've tried them a numper of times before and the first one has been lovely and all the rest rubbish, but this time I reset the type of stitch each time which seemed to do the trick.
I love wearing the shirt tied up, but it also looks good tucked in. What it really needs are some high waisted jeans which are going to happen ASAP. I did also try pairing it with a maxi skirt, but I'm not convinced by the black, a navy or a lighter colour would be better. Also, I feel that it's too short for a maxi skirt. I had to wear it low-ish so it looked half decent. Looking at the print close up I'm not even sure it qualifies as floral? Reminds me a bit of camo really, apart from the colour scheme.

That's all that I can think to say at the moment.
Thanks so much for reading! I'll be linking up to this weeks project sewn sew along so if you like mine best of the bunch feel free to give it a heart when the voting begins tomorrow.
Lauren xx