Me-Made-May 2014 Week 1

  Here's my summary for my first week and a day of me-made-may 2014 :)

 1st May 

I wore an asymmetrical skirt that I wear all the time for school that just never got blogged.

 2nd May

I wore my me-made suit with a peplum top. Really really need to work on this posing thing.

3rd May

I wore my camden lady skater with my black hoodie. Both of these I wear to death and I really need more of them. A hoodie in every colour of the rainbow would be fantastic.

Day 4

I put a wrap skirt over a black dress. I have issues with this skirt. The fact is that it's fastened with poppers. Every time I move an inch, pop! and I'm half naked. This one is going to be going into the mending pile and the poppers replaced by buttons and buttonholes.

Day 5

I wore my floral top. Love this top, wear it all the time, need more of them.

Day 6

I wore my newly finished archer shirt for the first time! (I say finished, well no one can see the lack of a hem...) and my grey suit.

Day 7

Black pencil skirt. The waistband of this skirt was originally attached with snaps but this was also a grave mistake. Regrettably it took me over 6 months to change the snaps to hooks and eyes, and now I'm not feeling round the back of the waistband every 5 minutes to check it's still fastened which is a plus.

Day 8

I didn't even manage a selfie, but I wore my grey suit again with this red top that I wear to death and need to make a copy of.

Day 9

Today I wore my black half circle skirt which I love but attracts fluff like crazy :( Need to make one of these in navy.

That's me up to date! All the me-mades seen in this post can be found on my portfolio page, apart from the asymmetrical skirt from day 1.
Thanks for reading!
Lauren xx