Top 5 Misses of 2013

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

This is bearing in mind that I started sewing for the first time in February and that I had no idea what I was doing! Oh also, this is only the misses out of the stuff that made it onto the blog. I'm not even going to think about my UFOs.

1) Winter Dress

This was the first thing that I made and wore out of the house, but I won't wear it out the house now. The zip is disastrously put in at the side front (!?) and the fit is awful. It has been sent to the attic. 

2) Prom Dress Bodice Wearable Muslin

This was my first fully lined bodice which I'm proud of but in my previous muslin of this dress the the armholes were too tight so I hacked a load off and now they are far too low! This means that I have to wear it with a tank top underneath which is just slightly inconvenient but still counts as a fail in my book.

3) A Swing Dress

In this dress I completely forgot that a zip may be needed. It was far too early in my sewing career to draft something myself with next to no knowledge and to expect it to work. Plus, 4 way stretch chiffon. 'Nuff said.

4) Floral Peplum Top

This is another failure because of the fit. You can't just cut out a size 10 and hope that you'll be able to alter it when it's all sewn together to a size 6! I especially regret this loss because this was some of my grandmas fabric and it's a shame to have waisted it. However, I have learnt from it nonetheless. Click on the titles for links back to the blog post. :)

5) School Skirt No. 2

This was purely a bad make because the fabric is disgusting and picks up every single little piece of fluff in the planet.

And that's it for all of my "misses" for 2013. It seems that I need to pay much closer attention to the fit, and the fabric before I buy it. But it is heartening to know that most of these makes I made a fair while ago meaning that my garments have had a higher success rate since. Yay!

Thanks so much for reading!
Lauren x