Top 5 Hits 2013

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

Right, because this has been my first year of sewing I have made many, many mistakes but I have ended up with quite a few garments that I wear on a regular basis. Click on the pics to see the original blog post.
If you want to see everyone elses Top 5's they're in the comments of Gillians post here .

1) The Dotty Knit Dress

This was, I think my first time working knits, and it all went incredibly smoothly thanks to my Sew U Home Stretch book by Wendy Mullin. It has been worn countless numbers of times and I feel great in it. The only thing I would change about it is the sleeve length as 3 quarter sleeves make it difficult to wear with a cardigan on top limiting the months that it can be worn in.

2) School Skirt No. 1

 Simple as it is, I've worn this skirt at least once a week since the beginning of September and it has held up surprisingly well. It's one of my most worn sixth form skirts, and was the first skirt that I lined.

3) Plaid Pinafore Dress

I love this dress so very very much. It's very "me" so I feel fab when I wear it resulting in me wearing it loads! It does have imperfections as the weirdly placed half buttonholes and the shoddy hem but nobody notices those so who cares! It also happens to be my most viewed blog post which is interesting.

4) The Ballet Dress

This one has also been worn loads as it's a perfect winter dress for layering under, but still looking half decent. Next time I will make the sleeves longer though.

5) The coffee date dress

I was very happy with this dress when I made it, but recently I pulled it out and thought hmm maybe not. The bodice ends above 3 inches above my natural waistline making it completely proportionally wrong. However, I put it in my top 5 because this was the first time that I'd actually added design elements instead of copying the pattern. In this instance I had the contrast lace bodice and hem band and the self drafted peter pan collar. I love how it looks, but just not on me.

And that's all of them! Interestingly 4 of these are dresses. I didn't wear dresses atall before I started sewing because I lived in jeans, but they are practically all I wear now I'm more comfortable with my style.

Thanks very much for reading. Hopefully I'll have time to squeeze in at least my goals for next year before midnight but if not HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Lauren x