Heart applique t-shirt

This top started as one thing and ended as something totally different, mostly because I’m a bit of an idiot, but actually I quite like what it evolved into so all is good.
I seem to be having a knit faze I’m afraid and I’ve still got one to blog! There are some wovens on the way though.
The pattern (as are most of my knit patterns) is from the Sew U Home Stitch book by Wendy Mullin. For this top, I used the basic T-Shirt pattern. I did cut off quite a few inches though, making this top more of a crop top.

The original plan was to have a lace front and sleeves and a plain back as I was using the leftover lace from my prom dress and I cut out the front pattern piece, realising that the piece was upside down so the fold line was on the other side of the pattern piece meaning that I had cut out 2 halves of a front. Stupid Lauren. So, in the end what I decided to do was to applique a heart onto the front and add lace sleeves to give the top some interest.
It doesn’t matter that the heart is pretty subtle, in fact I quite like it when you look closer you see something that you didn’t think was there before.
FYI, the box in my hand is my first ever take away pizza which was purchased in france. However it wasn’t a pizza as it didn’t have a tomato base. Instead it had a white sauce? and ham and cheese and onion on top. It was scrummy.

I french seamed the sleeves so the raw seam didn’t show through the lace, and zigzagged appliqued on the heart.
Even though this top is pretty simple, it made me feel super confidant whilst wearing it around the streets of France and I think that is all you can ask of a garment.

That’s everything for now I think!
Thanks for reading,
Lauren x