Before and after: A floral tank

I was looking around the charity shops in Leicester for some items to refashion and in one shop every single item of clothing was 1.99. (Pounds this is, I must be really dumb but I can’t find the pound sign on my new laptop keyboard, so with every number from now on, just assume I mean pounds.) This was a real bargain because in most charity shops in my area the dresses tend to cost up to 6.00.

The top was a size 16 but I chose it because I really liked the print and I thought I could do something with it.
To refashion it, I unpicked all of the shirring which you can see the result of to your left.

I then unpicked the sides and the sleeves and folded it. My tank pattern from Sew You Home Stretch (where else?) was put on the fold of the front and then the back of the top. The tank was sewn together as normal.

I’m not sure if just cutting pieces out of an existing garment is proper refashioning but oh well. I do love this tank and have worn it loads already because it looks so great with jeans and a corduroy blazer. It should be okay to wear for sixth form as well which is another plus.
By the way, the place where these photos were taken was where some of Les Mis was filmed! It’s really cool to know that Helena Bonham Carter stood on the same stone floor as I did. Or is that just me?

Anyway, thanks so much for reading!
Lauren x