Jenny Overalls

Hello all! 

Sorry it's been long time no blog. I was working as a wardrobe assistant on tour for 6 weeks and in the last month or so I've been busy finishing my degree! Now uni is over I'm excited to make all of the things and to show you everything I've made in the last few months! First up, I have these Jenny Overalls to share with you which I tested for Heather Lou way back before Easter.


First of all, let me tell you about the fabric, which I think takes these overalls to the next level. The fabric is actually a tablecloth I bought in Perth, Australia when I visited there with my family many moons ago. I really wanted to use the border print to its full potential and have a lot of fun with it while doing so. This did mean the cutting out took forever, but it was well worth it. 

IMG_1137 (2).JPG

After the cutting out, it all went quite smoothly and it was very satisfying to watch everything match up. I'm really really pleased with how the bib turned out. The pocket is almost invisible! The colours in this print are all of my favourites. 


The only thing I'm going to alter is the slight gape in the waistband at the centre back. I'm going to take a dart out of this pair, but for my next pair I'll do it properly.


I was sewing these up post haste for a party and ran out of time to put the back pockets on and I do miss them. I think that they are quite necessary to break up the rear view. 

IMG_1189 (2).jpg

I really love the fit of the bib around the bust. It curves so beautifully without any gaping. 

IMG_1181 (2).JPG

All in all, I think that these overalls are the jazziest piece of clothing I have ever owned and I love them to pieces. I'd like to try them next time perhaps with a slightly more cropped length. 


Thank you so much for reading!

Lauren xx