Jersey Named Inari Tee

Hello from France! Today I have quite a simple make to share with you. This is the top version of the Named Inari tee dress pattern.  

 I made it up in a really comfy khaki cotton jersey knit for part of my holiday wardrobe. The cutting out and sewing processes were both quite speedy and the top only took an hour or two from start to finish. I didn't make any adjustments to the fit which always speeds the process along.
The hem has just the right amount of swing in it to make it perfect for warmer weather, allowing a gentle breeze through. I think a fitted bottom helps keep it flattering. In retrospect, I'm not quite sure about the fit of the armhole and sleeve. Next time I'd like to superimpose an armhole from a different pattern and see how that works out.
 I used a fusible tape to stabilize the hem before sewing it down. I usually zigzag everything on knits but this time, I top-stitched the hem with a straight stitch, which I think looks a tad more professional. Next time I would probably add another row of stitching to give the coverstitch effect.

 I really do like the silhouette of this top and I've already made another one, with another on the to do list. It's a winner!
 Thanks very much for reading, and to Edward for taking photos,
Lauren xx