Comfy pants!

Hello all! It seems so wrong to call these comfy pants, but it seems worse to call them comfy trousers, so comfy pants they are! I bought a metre of black jersey because I was panicking about not having enough black clothes for something, but the event passed and I was left with a metre of black jersey on my hands.
This year has truly been the year of loungewear for me. I lived in uni halls from September to June and I needed something comfy to change into between getting home from uni and going to bed. It's basically been a year of loose knit tees and Hudson pants. So I decided that this fabric would be well worth it's £4.99 price tag if it were made into loungewear. Never mind that I only got round to finishing them after uni had finished. I haven't taken them off all week! (n.b. that was exaggerating for comedic purposes. I did wear a few other things. Just a few though.)
I tried to knock them together before a family outing one Sunday while I was back home for the weekend a few months ago, but surprisingly it didn't quite work out. I was super close, but then the overlocker needle snapped and it was game over. On a side note, this camera angle has done wonders for my derrière.
They were super easy to put together though. I've even drawn you up a handy little diagram. To draft my pattern I folded both selvedges into the centre of the fabric. I put my crotches in the centre but it actually makes much more sense to put them on the edges cuz that's 2 less seams to sew! I then cut down the middle, and cut off some width at the end for the waistband and cuffs.
To sew them together, you  need to sew the crotch seams up and sew the side seams up. I then gathered the waist with elastic and sewed it to the waistband right sides together. I tried to gather the cuffs with elastic but there was too much volume to gather it to the elastic and I broke a needle while trying, so I abandoned the elastic and gathered it straight onto the cuff, which was roughly the width of my ankle. I sewed one cuff without marking the side seams on the legs and cuff and one matching the side seams together and the gathering is so much more even on the second.
I am so pleased with how well these turned out! They are super super comfy and I would like them in all the colours of the rainbow.
Thanks for reading and to Emma for taking pictures! I hope this kind of tutorial is kind of coherent. If you have any questions, please let me know below!
Lauren xx