A Floral 60's Number

My friend Esther hosted a murder mystery for her 18th birthday party and my character was called Babs Crayfish. The key word that described my character was pink. The party was set in the 60s, so a pink shift dress complete with massive beehive it was then! Do you want to know a secret? 3 pairs of tights went into the making of that beehive. 3,
I used Tilly's Francoise pattern for the dress (the third time I've sewed it up) and embellished it with a lot of tiny lace flowers. I secured each little flower with tiny little stitches in the centre, which seems to have held them in place alright. I just embellished the front to save me time, as it was the day of the party and I was quickly running out of time!
All of the raw edges were finished with bias tape. The hem is in a "contrasting" white because I didn't have enough time to hand stitch it and I had no matching thread colour. Whoops...I carried on the "contrast theme" with a white invisible zipper which really wasn't that invisible.
The fabric was just a simple pink cotton poplin, and it attracted fluff like anything. I had to take a lint roller with me so I could be defluffed when I arrived! I had a great night at the party and the dress really helped me get into character so a double win!

Thanks for reading and to Ed for taking pictures as usual!
Lauren xx