Navy Victoria Blazer

It seems that I'm on an indie sewing pattern binge at the moment! Today I'm showing you my version of By Hand London's Victoria blazer. They had a 20% off certain patterns a couple of weeks ago, and I've been eyeing Victoria up for ages so I bit the bullet. I decided that it was time to add another suit to my rotation and I thought that I'd give Victoria a try.
I used a 100% wool fabric that I scored in a charity shop last year. Just under 3 metres for 8.99 was a crazy price and I obviously couldn't leave it there! Unfortunately I only noticed after it was sewn up that there are some teeny holes in parts of it, but they've been patched up the best I can.
The only changes to the pattern I made were to extend the sleeves to full length (because I want to wear it all year round) and to take a wedge out of the back to make it slightly more fitted. I also lined the sleeves as well as the body because that wool is itchy! It was interesting to sew up in comparison to my other blazers. This one doesn't have a facing, which means that the lining sometimes shows.
It ends at exactly the right place which is good. I tacked down the collar ends to keep them in place. The lining was bagged, to keep the insides neat.
I'm pretty happy with it, and I think it looks good with the matching Chardon skirt (yet to blog).
The navy colour seems to go with pretty much anything, so no doubt I'll be wearing it in the spring out of school. I love it with the stripey dress.
Thanks very much for reading and to Ed for taking the photos!
Lauren xx