Top 5 Highlights, Reflections and Goals

I'm going to power through my highlights, reflections and goals today!
Top 5 2014 #sewingtop5


1. Passing my driving test! I'm now as free as a bird. (And this bird has now figured out how to put petrol in a car. Finally)
2. Passing my AS Levels so I could get back into my final year of school.
3. I've made some amazing friends this year and have kept up some great friendships.
4. My trip to Australia in the summer was a pretty cool experience. Now I can officially say that I've been rescued by a lifeguard. I actually got to spend time with family as well, which sounds weird but I don't see a lot of them at home. And I got to go fabric shopping with Susan!
5. I was the costume person for the schools production of Oliver which was a lot of fun. I learnt to always carry safety pins on my person. Always.


1. I don't really have any because I think they kind of link in with goals, so I'll go on to those.
Oh wait I have one.
1. When people pay you to make something for them and you give them a quote it'll probably take double the time you thought it would so take that into account.


1. I need to make more tops. This year has been a dresses year. 5 days a week I am required to wear a matching suit. I've made 2 suits and I would like to make some interesting tops to go with them. A third suit would be great as well. I should probably make that sooner rather than later because I won't need it after June. 
2. Experiment more with pattern drafting, adaptation and draping.
3. Instead of thinking "I don't know how to do that so I'll do it a way that I do know how to do instead" find out how to do the thing that I don't know otherwise I'll never learn! 
4. Stop taking shortcuts if it's going to compromise the quality of the garment. You won't believe the difference understitching makes until you try it.
5. I've got some pretty important exams this year and ultimately they need to come first, so I need to stop beating myself up if I don't have a finished garment to post every Sunday. 
6. I'd quite like to do a series of some kind which gives a bit of variety to finished object, finished object, another finished object. I'm not quite sure what it would be though.

That's me finished for now, thanks for reading!
Lauren xx