Birthday Jumpsuit

For my 18th birthday party (which was yesterday) I decided to round up all of my friends for a Who's Line is it Anyway party. If you're not familiar with the programme, it's a TV show based around 4 actors who play lots of improvisational games.  I found it on the plane to Perth, and just might have woken all of the sleeping passengers up because I was laughing so loud! I thought it would be great fun to re-create the TV show with my friends. And obviously I had to make my own outfit.
This party was going to be pretty active, so I decided that I would be better off wearing a jumpsuit than a dress, and that it would need to be made out of a knit for max comfort and move-ability. Of course, this was decided after I'd started birthday dress no.1, but I'm sure it'll get worn another time! I then ordered 2 metres of viscose jersey from Ebay for around 8 pounds and got cracking.
I started with True Bias's Hudson Pant pattern as a base for the bottom half. I added a fair bit to the top of the front and back pieces to make them high-waisted, then I added 5cm more for a bit of jumpsuit ease. Next time I'd probably take that 5cm out because the crotch on this is preeeetty low. I had to put the pocket under the front pattern piece to get the correct shape for the side seam.
 Then I cut a line straight down the front and back to the knee and across. Then I moved each side out a bit until it equaled the measurement for half of the coordinating bodice piece. The shaded bit is the new bit!
For the bodice I used the gathered bodice pattern that I made for the V&A dress. I made a mock up to check the fit. It does look a tad silly because I didn't have enough fabric to have lower legs but it did the job! From the muslin I ascertained that the back was pretty baggy so I lifted that up a bit. Apart from that it was fine so I went for the real thing!
 When I put the real thing together, it sewed up really quickly! I overlocked everything. The neckline and armholes were neatened by bands. Overall, I'm so pleased with how it turned out. It's a fairly big departure from my usual style, but I feel great wearing it. The fact that it's so comfy is an added plus. It's honestly like wearing pj's!
Thanks to Ed for taking photos, and to you for reading!
Lauren xx