Floral Wrap Top

I know you've seen this fabric before in 2 different items, shorts and a bodice blogged here, but apparently it's the fabric that keeps on giving as I managed to squeeze this top out of it too. 
It was a very improvised top, basically a rectangle with a curve as shown in the embarrassing diagram that I made in Paint. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to draw it. a is the distance from shoulder to underarm. b is half the circumference of your hip measurement and c is shoulder to where you want the top to end. Then draw the curve where you want it. The back is a rectangle with a curve for the neck (not pictured)
After adding seam allowances cut 2 of the fronts out and a back. I then stay stitched each curve and neatened it with bias tape. Then I joined the I put the left front over the right front to make that Vneck and joined them together at the side seams and hem. The front was then attached to the back in the shoulders and side seams which were then overlocked. The arms holes were turned under twice and slipstitched and the hem was overlocked, turned under and slipstitched.

I do wear a singlet underneath it because the neckline is prone to slipping around which can be easily fixed by the use of a safety pin. Next time I'll make it a little longer as it's not very good at staying tucked in.
After looking at my jeans in these pics it's clear that I still have some tweaking to do!
That's it for now! Thanks for reading and to Ed for taking pics. These were taken in Mandurah, which is around an hour and a half away from Perth.
Lauren xx