Robin Hood Costume!

Every year my school holds a summer fete, which my year is in charge of this year. The theme is Disney and I chose to go as the foxy Robin Hood.

As Robin Hood wears a tunic I decided to go for a princess seamed shift dress. My stardust dress fit the bill, made from Style 2370 and was in rags and tatters anyway after this night so I cut it up and traced it and it fit pretty much perfectly. It also means that this dress is part of my vintage pattern pledge! 3 down, 2 to go!
 The hem ended up being way too short as I only guestimated when I cut it up (bad, bad sewer) so I made a hem band which was basically a really long rectangle folded in half and stitched right sides together to the hem. This worked pretty well and eliminated the need for a hand-stitched hem. My invisible zips are getting better and better now I know to press the teeth over with my fingers whilst sewing it down which helps me get a lot closer. The neckline and the armholes are finished with bias binding.The fabric is a really nice textured silk dupion (which really needs an iron) and is the perfect forest green for Robin Hood.

The mask I improvised using google and foam. The tail is made of paper and safety pinned onto the dress! Thanks very much to Lucy for letting me borrow her hat and arrow-holder. (I’m sure there’s a technical term but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is.

That’s it from me for this week! It’s my last full week of school so the summer holidays are so so close!
Until next time,
Thanks so much for reading and to Ed for taking the photos under duress (again)

Lauren xx