Lace Bomber Jacket

 Here is my lace bomber jacket as promised! Although, I think the bomber jacket look would have been a lot more successful if I'd used navy ribbing for the hem band and cuffs. I do like it how it is though. I used the same pattern that I did for my black hoodie which is based off the baseball tee pattern in Wendy Mullins book Sew U Home Stretch, omitting the hood.

 To make the hoodie cropped I folded the hem band to the width it'd be when attached, put it where the waist was marked on the front and back patterns and drew a line where it ended. I completely misjudged this, making it far too short so had to make the hem band wider than it was supposed to be. I also took it in a fair bit at the back because it was pretty baggy back there.
 And a close up of the lace which I am just so in love with. I ended up using around a metre of lace and a metre of navy ponte so I have loads left, so a lace lady skater has been planned for when it gets colder. All the seams were sewn with my overlocker making for a very neat finish inside. I hand picked the zip and slip-stitched the hem to make sure that they were just right.
I love how versatile this little jacket is. My favourite outfit combo is probably with the deck chair dress.

That's pretty much all I have to say about this little number! It's back to school tomorrow so less sewing time for me :( I did manage to do a whole load of it this week though which was good.
Thanks so much for reading and to Ed for taking half of the photos and to Iona to taking the other half!
I hope the week ahead of you is a good one!
Lauren xx