How I Lined my Pavot Blazer

Hi! As promised today I'm going to show you how I lined my Deer and Doe Pavot blazer. Just quickly, this was half guess work and is by no means the proper way to do it, but it is what worked for me.
First I cut out my lining using the same pattern pieces but adding fullness at the center back (an inch or so) to make a pleat and extending the sleeves 1cm to allow for movement.  Then I put the lining inside the outer wrong side to wrong side and sewed down the front, round the back of the neck and round the front again (basically where I've put my piping)
Then, turning everything inside out take the sleeves and match the seams, then pin and sew around the "hand hole".
When that's done, also pin the hem right sides together.
It should now look something like this:
When you've sewn all the bits you've just pinned unpick a 10cm gap in the middle of the sleeve which you then need to turn everything through. Now its time to interface the facing pieces and sew them together. I had to draft a new facing piece because I didn't need a buttonband but it's the same principle. I cut my interfacing smaller than the facing to make sure I wouldn't get any of the glue on the interfacing onto the iron.

When all 3 pieces are joined together the facing needs to be pinned and sewn to the coat/blazer right sides together. I didn't draft mine quite long enough so I had to add a bit to the end of mine, hence the weird seam at the bottom.
When this is done, clip the curves and turn to the inside of the coat/blazer and pin close to the edge. I then clipped the outer curves so I could turn the outer edge over to give a clean finish. 
The edge of the facing was then slip-stitched to the lining. Excuse the very green un-coordinating thread...

And now you can do this to random passers by..

Or not, your choice...

Hopefully that made sense! If it didn't don't hesitate to drop me a comment.
Thanks very much for reading!
Lauren xx