A Sewing Legacy

My Grandpa came down for Easter Weekend, and as he lives so far away we rarely get to see him so this was a real treat. To make it even more of a treat, he brought me piles and piles of fabric and patterns! Sadly, my Grandma passed away several years ago, but she was an avid seamstress and made most of her own clothes! Her collection of patterns and fabrics were just collecting dust so Grandpa brought them up for me to make some use of them. It makes me sad that I can't share my sewing with Grandma now, but I hope that somehow, somewhere she can see my sewing and be proud.
This skirt is not something I've made, but is rather something that my Grandma made years and years ago which has been passed on to me. Luckily it is fastened with a drawstring so was easily adjustable to fit me.
I'm ashamed to say that my first thought when I saw this beautiful skirt was that I'll just chop some of the length off and it'll be perfect. You see, as a rule, I don't wear particularly long skirts in fear of looking dowdy and old fashioned instead of a 17 year old. Now of course, I've realised that I sew my own things, and that I can wear whatever the hell I want! Just because all of the skirts in the high street shops stop just below the bum it does not mean that skirts I have to wear need to be that short. 
So now, I have no intention of shortening the skirt because, pardon me for being forward, but I think it actually looks pretty good. Not pretty good, amazing. I feel  so fantastic and empowered when wearing this skirt, not just because it helps me to remember Grandma, but because it enabled me to shake off what everybody else is wearing and just look at what I like, and what I think looks good, which is more important than anything.
 Thanks very much for reading, and to Ed who took these beautiful photos, 
Lauren xx