Floral Dungarees/ Overalls (Project Sewn week 4: Signature Style)

So this week is signature style. Did this make involve florals? Tick. Did it involve a full skirt (my favourite)? Nope, because I wanted to try something new, and I'm glad I did, because I love these dungarees, and I can't wait 'til summer so I can wear them properly without tights. I did order some proper copper dungaree clips but they didn't seem quite right to I omitted them. I'm pondering whether to add some white nautical anchor buttons in my stash instead though.
I used the same pattern that I used for last summers floral shorts which was the Simplicity 9944 trouser pattern shortened quite a bit and already altered to my size (Read: taken many inches off sides to accommodate non-existent hips). Last time I had an issue with tucks at the hem because when it was folded back as there was excess fabric because they are tapered. This time I fixed that by clipping the curves. I omitted the waistband and instead drafted a facing which I put the bib in between (so a sandwich of shorts, bib, facing). Next time, i'd prefer the shorts to sit at my natural waist, they sit a tad low at the moment. The bib was sewn 3 sides right sides together, turned right side out and topstitched. The raw edge went in the metaphorical sandwich.
The back straps are crossed because I think it looks cute.I did a machine sewn zipper in the back for the first time in ages because I accidentally sewed every seam closed. To get a really neat zipper I kept the stitches in the centre back seam in and pressed the seam allowance open. Then I place the zip on top front down on the wrong side or the CB seam and sewed down both sides and accross the bottom. Then I unpicked the centre back seam and ta-da a perfect machine stitched zipper! It was kinda inspired by all the fly front zippers I've been doing lately.
I was wondering whether to put white broderie anglais or black lace on the hem and the facebook vote was a resounding yes. However, turns out that I'm 2 inches short of broderie anglais, which was a bit of a dissapointment so that plan has been put on hold.
Photo: White broderie anglaise or black lace for the hem of my pinafore shorts? Or neither?!
I think that's all I've got to say for now (or all I can remember to say anyway!) so I'll get back to revising for my mock exams later this week. All I want to do is sew! Is that too much to ask for!!!
Anyway... I'll just leave you with my best model pose. (Yeah okay, I'm not quite there yet...)
Have a great week everybody!
Thanks very much for reading,
Lauren xx