Woven Plantain T-Shirt

Well, the day of the competition closing was drawing closer and closer, and I didn't have time to order fabric online. So to the charity shops I went, and this is what I found, a size 26 tunic in a really pretty fabric. (To put that into context I'm a size 6/8) The skirt was gathered with only side seams so there was plenty of fabric for a T-Shirt. I thought it was perfect so I paid 3.99 for it and went home and cut it out. Then I went, hang on idiot, this fabric isn't jersey, it's viscose. I felt pretty stupid right then. BUT, it worked out okay, so it's all good! And by the way, trying to open up the ironing board silently at 11.30pm when the family is asleep (i should have been too) was an incredibly difficult feat.
The pattern that I used, was of course the free Plantain T-Shirt from Deer and Doe. I left the ruffle on for the bottom of the t-shirt pieces  and the rest of the ruffle I improvised some sleeves with. Surprisingly, these worked out okay!
I am really happy with this make. I love the fabric, and I love the little ruffle cap sleeves and  hem. Thankfully they already had a rolled hem so that shortened the time this make took considerably! Hopefully I have a shot in the Plantain competition!
Right, got to dash, past my bed time!
Thanks very much for reading, and to Catherine who was an angel taking the photos in the rain today and getting freezing hands!
Lauren xx