The Golden Dress

This was one of the times that you go to a fabric market stall with a list of fabric that is needed and you come away with something completely different. What can I say, this print was just too good to walk past.

The fabric is quite a thick knit that cost four pounds per metre and one metre was all that I could afford to get which rules out any full skirts (sad face). I browsed through Wendy Mullins Sew You Home Stretch ( I can hear you all sighing and thinking “oh no not this book again”) and found a fairly fitted dress which consisted of two bodice pieces (front and back), two skirt pieces (front and back) and some sleeves which I missed out in favour of being able to fit a tank top out of the fabric as well. The design in the book had a contrasting bodice to the skirt but I just ignored that bit.

I learnt that if you zigzag too close to the edge the fabric goes all weird so you have to have quite a big seam allowance. I think I ended up slipstitching the neck line. I had to take it in quite a bit at the hips and the waist to make it fit properly even though I cut out the smallest size which was an extra small. Next time I’ll lengthen the bodice quite a bit because the seam is really high above my natural waistline but isn’t high enough to be empire line.

 I commandeered my friends into directing and taking the photos. I’m going to say that some of the trampoline shots were more successful than others. It was great fun though.I’ll just leave you with one of the outtakes which I realise isn’t an outtake any more because it’s in the post but oh well.

Thanks to Connor for the use of his trampoline and for taking brilliant (if slightly scary photos) and Meghan for instructing me how to jump elegantly on a trampoline without legs spread right open.

As always, thanks for  reading!
Lauren x