My First Pair of Trousers

These are a pair of high-waisted trousers with a zip up the back instead of the modern fly front zip. I looked around in a couple of charity shops for a large pair of trousers that I could recycle the material from and I found a pair of size 16 linen trousers for 3.50 (this is in pounds still, turns out I’m not blind, there really isn’t a pounds key on this new keyboard).

This was the pattern that I used. Even though it was a size 12 they fit fairly well, but just need a bit shaving off at the hips which is to be expected. As they are fairly loose trousers I’m guessing that was why I didn’t encounter any of the difficulties that  I was anticipating.

I strategically placed the back pattern pieces bearing in mind the placement of the back pockets that I recycled from the original pair of trousers. I also used the waist band so I didn’t have to figure out how to do a buttonhole. The bottom of the pattern pieces was cut on the hem so I didn’t have to hem it but next time I’ll let down the hem because I don’t like the raw edges at the sides so visible near the hem. The zip was handpicked and obviously needs doing again, as I look at that photo.
And please don’t ask why my head is in a forest of leaves because I don’t know either…

Why can’t I stand straight like a normal person?!
Anyway, I love these trousers as they put me back into proportion as I have a long torso and I’ll probably make them again in a suiting fabric for sixth form.

Thanks for reading!
Lauren x