A Swing Dress

Swing dressThis was my first attempt at drafting and i made possibly the worst fabric choice in the world: Chiffon. The whole process wasn’t helped by the fact that the dress was cut on the bias so it expanded. I must have ended up hemming it about 4 times, and it was still uneven with the underlining, so much so that it now has a balloon effect. It’s safe to say that the only time I will ever wear this dress will be to a fancy dress party as a fairy. Plus, it’s a bit tight for me so my friend Lauren modeled it instead.
It’s basically a long circle skirt, with the part above the waist measurement being another circle forming the neck band. In the end it turned out not to be so long, because I’d chopped off so much of the hem, trying to get it all to be the same length.

In hindsight, it really would have been a good idea to do a little research on chiffon, but at least i’ll never make the same mistakes again.
On a positive note, it really is very flowy… And it doesn’t look as puffy as I thought it did. Win.